Unsecured Cash Personal Loan up to R230 000 in South Africa

Unsecured Cash Personal Loan of up to R230 000 available RIGHT NOW from CASHLOAN. Blacklisted or not, You Can Apply. High Approval Rates. Apply Get Your Cash

About Unsecured Cash Personal Loan from CASHLOAN

In need of a large cash loan and finding it difficult to get one or are blacklisted or have bad credit? CASHLOAN helps you find a loan and work with leading finance companies to get the largest loan amount at the best interest rate.

Simply complete the short application form to get your Unsecured Cash Personal Loan and based on the information you enter you will be matched to the best loan company, whatever your credit situation.

Wherever possible we have the most experienced loans consultants to help you get a cash loan of up to R230 000 approved within one hour (during office hours).

With a single and easy online application you should be able to get the loan you want, without all the wasted time and frustration of trying to source a loan yourself.

All lenders are registered with the NCR (National Credit Regulator) meaning you are guaranteed responsible lending practices and there are no charges to apply.

Why Choose Unsecured Cash Personal Loan from CASHLOAN?

  • Loan amounts up to R230 000
  • Loan applications approved in 1 hour
  • No extra fees for using the service
  • Blacklisted and bad credit can apply
  • All loans from registered lenders

Requirements to apply for Unsecured Cash Personal Loan

To apply for a Unsecured Cash Personal Loan from CASHLOAN all you will need is to be earning a regular income, be a citizen of South Africa as well as have an active bank account.

You will also need to have a valid contact number, email address as well as proof of residence available if requested.

A credit check will be performed when you apply though bad credit and blacklisted applications are accepted as well as if you have garnishee orders and/or defaults.

No security is required to apply for loan such as a car or a home. Applications are not considered if you are currently or planning to go under debt review or administration.

How to apply for Unsecured Cash Personal Loan from CASHLOAN

Simply visit their website www.cashloan.co.za and apply.

Unsecured Cash Personal Loan from CASHLOAN is the best Personal Loan for large amounts.