Get African Bank Personal Loans Online from R2500 to R200 000. Flexible repayment periods between 9 to 72 months. Fixed repayment instalments, providing you with consistency. Apply Now!

About African Bank Personal Loans Online

African Bank is the market leader in the personal unsecured credit market in South Africa.

African Bank understands you as an individual, believes in you and empowers you to create more with your life. African Bank enables you to achieve your goals and improve your standard of living by giving you access to affordable, responsible & convenient credit that you need when you want and qualify for it.

African Bank Personal Loans Online
Available are African Bank Personal Loans Online from R2500 to R200 000. Flexible repayment periods between 9 to 72 months. Fixed repayment installments, providing you with consistency.

As the Credit Specialists, even if you don’t qualify African Bank will help you understand, manage and improve your credit standing. As your credit partner, they specialize in giving you individualized credit that works for you.

African Bank, give you greater certainty that:

You will be treated like an individual with the respect that you deserve
Your creditworthiness will be accessed properly and you will receive consistent credit offers
African Bank will provide you easy and convenient application options
You will have access to credit
Simple and Transparent credit offers that you can understand
Credit offers are tailor made to your unique needs
A choice of monthly repayment terms that you can afford
You can enjoy greater financial freedom with credit offers that fit your budget and your lifestyle
Interest is fixed for the period of your loan so repayments won’t change
Immediate credit approvals and same day payouts
Immediate access to money with instant issue Credit Cards
Peace of mind for unplanned circumstances with Credit Life Insurance
African Bank acquired the Ellerines Holding Group. African Bank is the credit provider for Ellerines Holdings Retail Stores. Within the Ellerines family, there is a diversity of stores offering you a range of lifestyle products. Ellerines stores include:

Geen & Richards
Furniture City
Dial a Bed
Mattress Factory
Early Bird Services
Ellerines etc.

Get African Bank Personal Loans Online from R2500 to R200 000

We offer loans from R2500 to R200 000 paid directly into your bank account.

Repayment period
Flexible repayment periods between 9 to 72 months

Fixed repayment
Fixed repayment instalments, providing you with consistency

Sales Contact Centre
We have a team of Sales Contact Centre Consultants at your service, able to process your Personal Loan over the phone

Quick repayment
Repay your loan quickly and conveniently, straight from your bank account

24/7 online service
With our 24/7 online service, you can apply for a loan online at any time or visit any of our branches across the country if you prefer a face-to-face experience

How To Apply for African Bank Personal Loans Online

Applying for your Personal Loan is quick and easy. In just a few simple steps you could be on your way to personal financial freedom. To ensure that your application is even quicker, make sure you have the following documents available to upload with your application, or when you visit a branch.

  1. Identity document
  2. Latest original pay slip
  3. Latest bank statement reflecting 3 salary deposits
  4. Proof of residence

Simply visit this link to apply online chose Loans and fill in your detail

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Capitec Bank Personal Loans up to R230 000 CASH payable over 1 – 84 months AVAILABLE NOW. Cash will be available immediately in your bank account soon after approval.

Capitec Bank Personal Loans – ideal for personal use, whether it’s everyday transacting, paying for other debts or starting your own business.

Note the following after the approval of your Capitec Bank Personal Loans:

  • Money available immediately in your transaction/savings account after approval
  • Amount based on your credit profile and affordability
  • Fixed monthly repayments
  • Consolidate all your existing loans for easier monthly repayments

About Capitec Bank Personal Loans

For loans 6 months and longer, your outstanding balance will be paid in full
If you’re retrenched when Capitec Bank Personal Loans is less than 3 months old, 50% of your loan will be covered.
Capitec Bank Personal Loan pays for this cover and the money will be paid to us to settle your outstanding debt.

Capitec also offers a monthly loan for your daily needs or emergencies, reviewed every 12 months at a branch.

  • Get up to R4 000 in minutes, any time or place
  • Transfer money to your transaction/savings account using Mobile Banking, Internet Banking or our ATMs
  • Interest and fees only charged on money transferred
  • Repayable in full each month

Requirements to apply for Capitec Bank Personal Loans:

  • Identification document
  • Original proof of residential address (any of the approved documents in your name with your street address)
  • Latest salary slip
  • 3-month bank statement

Individuals who are self-employed and who determine their own salary and payment date do not fall in line with our credit-granting policy.

Contact Capitec Bank Personal Loans

Visit any of Capitec branches Monday to Friday (8am – 5pm) and on Saturdays (8am – 1pm). Selected branches in malls are also open on Sundays (9am – 1pm). All branches are closed on public holidays.

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NB: Some of our branches are open at 8:30am on mid-month Wednesdays due to training, and that our branches in malls follow mall trading hours.

Please email us on  if you have any questions about applying for credit at Capitec Bank.

Capitec Bank Personal Loans, Getting a loans has never been this easy!