Nedbank Personal Home Loan for First Time Buyers Qualifying Criteria

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There’s nothing quite like owning your own home. Nedbank offers a range of Nedbank Personal Home Loan solutions designed to help you buy the home you have always dreamt about.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or not, finding that dream home is what it’s all about. With our competitive  rates and the ability to tailor your home loan to suit your individual needs, you could be a whole lot closer to owning a home than you think. As a first–time buyer you can choose between various kinds of property ownership.

1. Before Getting a Nedbank Personal Home Loan

  1. Draw up a monthly budget to see whether you can afford to buy your own home .
  2. Visit our website to use our handy calculators or ask one of our consultants to help you work out what you can afford.
  3. Save for a deposit on the home loan, it will reduce your monthly repayment and the amount you owe to the bank.
  4. Bond initiation fees – Budget for R5 700, required as a once-off cost for processing the home loan.

2. How To Qualify for Nedbank Personal Home Loan

  • You are 18 years of age or older
  • You earn a single or joint monthly salary of R 4 000 or more
  • You have a transaction account into which your salary is deposited

3. Application for a Nedbank Personal Home Loan

It’s quick, easy and paperless! Simply complete the few fields and Nedbank Personal Home Loan Personnel will give you an immediate indication of the loan amount you qualify for.

Once you have submitted it with your supporting documents, we’ll process the application within a few hours and keep you informed on the progress, every step of the way.

4. Requirements for Nedbank Personal Home Loan

  • An email address
  • Your bank details
  • Your financial details – income, expenses, assets and liabilities
  • Your Nedbank bond account number – if you’re applying for a further loan or re-advance
  • A copy of your bar-coded ID or Smart Card ID – ensure you have a legible, clear copy of both sides of the card.
  • Proof of income
  • A signed offer to purchase – this is required only if you are buying a new home. If you are switching your existing bond to Nedbank, or are applying for a further loan or re-advance, or are buying an unbounded property, this isn’t needed.

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